Retail Lease – A piercing experience

McMahon Turner Solicitors & Conveyancers were approached by a body piercing business owner who was leasing a retail shop in a shopping centre.

The Story
The body piercing business owner had a long running dispute with the shopping centre owner. The shopping centre was constantly being renovated causing disturbance to the clients of the body piercing business resulting in the business running at a loss.

The body piercing business owner had approached the shopping centre owner on several occasions requesting abatement of rent and/or a release from the lease. The shopping centre owner did not agree either to abatement of rent nor to release the tenant from the lease. The business was close to bankruptcy.

The body piercing business owner approaches McMahon Turner Solicitors & Conveyancers for advice.

McMahon Turner Solicitors & Conveyancers commences mediation with the shopping centre owner and concurrently lodges applications with a number of relevant authorities to uphold the tenant’s rights.

McMahon Turner Solicitors & Conveyancers settles the dispute prior to tribunal hearing and the body piercing business relocates to a new premises and trades successfully.

The Lesson
When entering into a lease it is imperative to utilise the services of a Solicitor.

When a retail lease dispute arises it is imperative to utilise the services of a competent Solicitor.

Competent Solicitors will review the matter immediately and take the appropriate legal action to protect the business and the rights of the tenant.

Private retail negotiations and disputes often result in a poor outcome for the tenant and may lead to bankruptcy.

The Solution
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