Stormwater – More than just rain

McMahon Turner Solicitors & Conveyancers were approached by a local developer questioning a Council consent condition regarding stormwater pipes.

The Story
Local developer purchases property and then submits Development Application to Council for extensions. Council approves Development Application subject to the developer registering an easement in favour of Council for the stormwater pipes located under the property.

Local developer disputes the existence of the stormwater pipes located under the property as the developer’s previous solicitor/conveyancer did not identify the existence of stormwater pipes.

Local developer approaches McMahon Todd Solicitors & Conveyancers for advice.

McMahon Turner Solicitors & Conveyancers undertakes specialised stormwater search and identifies the existence of stormwater pipes under the property.

McMahon Turner Solicitors & Conveyancers undertakes work in relation to the registration of an easement.

The Lesson
When purchasing property it is imperative to utilise the services of competent solicitors/conveyancers.

Competent solicitors/conveyancers will conduct all the relevant and appropriate searches and not just the basic searches. Basic searches do not completely protect the client’s interests.

Basic searches cost a few dollars less although the effects cost thousands of dollars more.

The Solution
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